Pepe Link, is a renowned DJ and music producer in Mallorca. He was one of the first DJ on the island to explore and produce electronic music introducing fresh and comforting vibes. Music collector since his youth he started his professional career as a radio speaker in 1994 working in the main Mallorca local radios such as Cadena Ser BalearesOnda cero Baleares or IB3. Due his knowledge in musical trends he produced during three years his own radio show in Top Radio and Insel Radio ( best german radio station in balearic islands ), it was the beginning of his professional career as a DJ. He is currently hosting a radio show every Saturday on the local radio station BN Mallorca called The Apartment, which starts with a warming welcoming “Here are the keys of my apartment”

He was the first Mallorcan DJ to play in the most prestigious International electronic music festivals such as Ars Futura 96 and Sonar 97 mixing different kind of musical styles such as jazz, bossa-nova and folk with the most vanguard electronic music. In addition he has held his own residences in the main clubs on the Balearics such as Pacha, Bcm, Garito, Privilege Ibiza, Titos, Garito Cafe …

His DJ shows have an strong influence with groovy funk, music disco, electronic and house music, all mixed together with an only purpose on the dance floor: that people feel the music and do not stop dancing. Pepe’s Lounge dimension starts with the silkiest jazz blended with bossa-nova, acoustic vibes and folk touches creating the perfect and relaxing atmosphere for an unforgettable event.

Pepe Link began his career as a producer in 2003 with a theme that gave him a huge impact in national and international electronic scene; his first work for the Stereo Records label «Guitar Vibe” was included in many national compilations such as Pacha Ibiza or international ones such as Stereo Cool, becoming included in the UK as the leading music of the European Football club in 2004. He has edited almost all works on vinyl or CD during his career for different national or international labels.

His passion for electronic music and dance means that in 2003 he began his career as a producer with a theme that will give him a national and international impact; his first work for the Stereo Records label «Guitar Vibe» is included in many national compilations such as Pacha Ibiza or international ones such as Stereo Cool, including in the UK, as the leading music of the Euro Soccer Cup in 2004.

For 14 years he has been the musical director of the Cappuccino Group where he musically set up venues in Mallorca, Ibiza, Madrid, Valencia, Marbella and moving his music to the Far East: Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia also directs the radio station of the brand and in turn, he publishes annually CDs that compile his work for the low brand in the name of Cappuccino Grand Café. All the work you can see is the following link: At the moment it has been published 10 volumes which have become an international musical brand with more than 100,000 copies sold.

For 3 years through Cappuccino Group selects the music for the company Globalia / Air Europa to warm up all aircraft of the airline during their journeys both nationally and internationally, as well as call center and Hotels Lua Bay International owned by Company Globalia

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